Know All About Ugadi Pachadi, The Special Delicacy Of The Day

In Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Ugadi or Yugadi falling on 13th April marks the first day of the Hindu new year which comes after Sankranthi. It heralds the dawn of Vasanth season.

To usher in the new beginning, people engage in Rangoli decoration, mango-leaf toran; catch up with friends and family, exchange gifts, and prepare special dishes.Food is an extremely integral part of the occasion. And the Ugadi pachadi prepared as an indispensable part of this festival plays a

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All You Need to Know About the Spring Festival

Ugadi is a major festival celebrated in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, marking the beginning of the New Year according to the Hindu calendar. In Maharashtra, people celebrate Gudi Padwa on this day, which is also the first day of the ‘Chaitra’ month. Both the festivals are regarded as the herald of the harvest season and this year they fall on April 13.

The word “Ugadi” is made up of ‘yug’ meaning ‘age’ and ‘adi’ meaning ‘beginning’. According to Hindu

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