What is Uniform Civil Code That Delhi HC Wants Govt to Implement? Know its History, Importance

The Delhi High Court of Friday backed the need for a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and asked the Centre to take the necessary steps in the matter. The court observed that the modern Indian society is gradually turning “homogeneous” and dissipating “traditional barriers of religion, community, and caste, and in view of these changing paradigms, a uniform civil code is in order.” Here’s what the law is all about, its origin and importance in the current scenario:

What is Uniform

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BSE crosses 7 crore registered users

2021-06-07 23:42:41

NEW DELHI: Leading stock exchange BSE on Monday crossed the milestone of seven crore registered users based on Unique Client Code (UCC) amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The journey from 6 crore to 7 crore users took just 139 days, as compared to 241, 652 and 939 days needed for the previous milestones of 6 crore, 5 crore and 4 crore, respectively, the BSE said in a statement.

Of the 7 crore users, 38 per cent fall

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