Jimmy Brown of UB40: I’m not a big fan of Bollywood, but I do have a soft-spot for old Hindi film

2021-07-21 18:35:39

“I always had a love affair with India,” says reggae veteran Jimmy Brown of acclaimed English pop band UB40 while looking back at his bond with the country. And that’s why he was deeply moved when India battled hard with the second wave of Covid-19 crisis earlier this year.

“My message for the country in these trying times would be a message of commiseration. Both India and England are unfortunate enough to have the wrong people in charge

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UB40 lead singer Duncan Campbell announces retirement


Los Angeles: UB40 lead singer Duncan Campbell, 63, has announced he is retiring from music. Campbell, who suffered a stroke last August, made the announcement following a seizure earlier this month.

Campbell was gearing up for the reggae group’s upcoming UK tour later this year, but health concerns made forced change of plans.

“Unfortunately, due to continued ill health, I have reluctantly decided to retire from the band so as to focus on my recovery. I am very grateful,

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