Russia’s most aggressive ransomware group disappeared. It’s unclear who disabled them.

Just days after President Joe Biden demanded that President Vladimir Putin of Russia shut down ransomware groups attacking American targets, the most aggressive of the groups suddenly went offline early Tuesday.

The mystery is who made it happen.

The group, called REvil, short for “Ransomware evil,” has been identified by U.S. intelligence agencies as responsible for the attack on one of America’s largest beef producers, JBS. Two weeks after Biden and Putin met in Geneva last month, REvil took credit

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Biden warns Putin to act against ransomware groups

President Joe Biden warned President Vladimir Putin of Russia on Friday that time was running out for him to rein in the ransomware groups striking the United States, telegraphing that this could be Putin’s final chance to take action on Russia’s harboring of cybercriminals before the United States moved to dismantle the threat.

In Biden’s starkest warning yet, he conveyed in a phone call to Putin that the attacks would no longer be treated only as criminal acts, but as

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