OLX Autos Announces the Second Edition of a Two Day Design Summit Around Design and Art “OLX D’Light ‘22”

The design team at OLX Autos today announces the launch of the second annual design summit. D’Light ‘22 – a two-day virtual summit of delightful conversations around product development & design. OLX D’Light 22 brings together the world’s leading design experts and practitioners for a series of inspiring conversations about how we design products and services today. The two-day event would also highlight the design and product capabilities of OLX Autos.


D’Light ‘22 is open to all.

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Gurugram-based Travel Technology Company i2a Technologies to Open its Branch in Chandigarh

Gurugram, Haryana, India

Gurugram-based travel agency i2a Technologies plans to open its branch in Chandigarh, which will start operations from January 15, 2022. The company that excels in business process management for travel companies serves more than 100k customers annually.


Travel Industry faces the brunt of pandemic

A travel technology & customer service company, i2a Technologies handles all back-end operations, including sales, customer support & technology services, to leading Online travel agencies, which

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