Max Life Insurance Achieves Claims Paid Ratio of 99.35%


Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd (“Max Life”/ “Company”), today announced that it has paid 19,922 death claims worth INR 885.57 crore during the Financial Year 2020-21, resulting in an individual death claims paid ratio of 99.35% for the Company. Max Life’s customer commitment has helped the Company consistently improve the claims paid ratio to surpass the 99% benchmark for the past two financial years.


In the pursuit of becoming a digital-focused life

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Max Life Insurance Launches ‘Max Life Smart Wealth Income Plan’, a Comprehensive Life Insurance Savings Plan with Long Term Income Options Including Whole Life Income

  • A comprehensive life insurance savings plan offering a life-long income stream among others  

  • Three plan options to build your secondary income stream

  • Option to accrue survival benefits and avail of them as per need

  • Choice of income period including whole-life income option


Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“Max Life / Company”), today announced the launch of the

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Max Life Adopts the Account Aggregator System; Aims to Provide Frictionless Financial underwriting to Customers

  • Becomes the first life insurer to adopt the Account Aggregator system

  • Partners with FinVu and Finarkein to securely access pre-approved customers’ financial information for underwriting


Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (“Max Life” / “Company”), is the first life insurer to enter the Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem, an RBI regulated framework. AA ecosystem allows the customers to digitally share their financial information and data across various financial

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