Climate change, state emergency and stakeholder pursuit

2021-09-01 14:49:40

“China witnesses its heaviest rainfall in a 1000 years” – Jul 2021 “Climate scientists shocked by scale of floods in Germany” – Jul 2021

“The Amazon rainforests are now releasing more carbon than they absorb, scientists confirm for the first time” – Jul 2021

“Record-breaking all-time-high ‘pressure-cooker’ heatwave hits Canada, US northwest” – Jun 2021

“Climate change is real: 600-900% excess rain in many Maharashtra districts” – Jul 2021

“Australia suffers devastating fires after hottest, driest year on

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How Extreme Weather Events Led To Spike in Food Inflation

The situations caused by extreme weather are affecting crops across the globe and forcing the world towards severe food inflation, said a Bloomberg report. This comes at a time when the prices of food products are already hovering near the highest in a decade and hunger is also on the rise due to weather situations like – worst frost, flood, drought, extreme rainfall.

According to the report, various extreme weather situations caused disruptions in food production across the world. The

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‘No one is safe’: Extreme weather batters the wealthy world

Some of Europe’s richest countries lay in disarray this weekend as raging rivers burst through their banks in Germany and Belgium, submerging towns, slamming parked cars against trees and leaving Europeans shellshocked at the intensity of the destruction.

Only days before in the northwestern United States, a region famed for its cool, foggy weather, hundreds had died of heat. In Canada, wildfire had burned a village off the map. Moscow reeled from record temperatures. And this weekend the

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