Pankaj Tripathi: Hectic schedule is leading to physical strain, so I’m trying to slow down a bit

2021-08-27 19:05:29

Pankaj Tripathi is not one to complain about a packed work schedule. And it’s evident from the fact that in the last one and a half year itself, he had as many as eight projects releasing one after the other. However, now, the actor confesses that tight shooting schedule has started to take a toll on him and he feels it’s time to take a pause for and rest for a while.

“The packed shooting schedule becomes hectic.

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International Tiger Day: Biggest problem with the tiger is that it doesn’t vote, says Tandeep Hooda

2021-07-29 09:19:52

Actor Randeep Hooda, who is concerned about the growing tiger and human conflict, says, “To save them, we need to have non-exploitative economic benefits from the tiger where the locals benefit, not some fancy-schmancy resort.”

On International Tiger Day, the 44-year-old calls to dispel the misconception that “the tiger belongs to the government”, while emphasising the need to mobilise local people in direct everyday contact with the national animal of the country.

“The special day serves as a

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Seamless or stressful: Actors open up about making a switch

2021-07-24 19:45:28

The lines between the industries as well as mediums are blurring fast, and actors are making full use of it. There are some who are transitioning from regional industry to Hindi filmdom, and some are switching over mediums, from small screen to big screen to OTT platforms. We talk to some actors to find out more about making the switch.

Seamless or stressful: Actors open up about making a switch
Seamless or stressful: Actors open up about making a switch

Ileana D’Cruz

Started her acting career in Telugu

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Randeep Hooda: I don’t give a damn about awards or recognition

2021-07-19 20:21:28

Actor Randeep Hooda doesn’t crave for recognition or awards, instead, he treats his job as a “contractual work”, and focuses on what he can gain from his experiences.

“My job is just like anybody else. I’m in a contractual professional having contractual work. Every time you take up a contractual job, you’ve to fulfil it,” he says, while talking about the approach he follows towards his work.

“Apart from that job, there’s not much of an interaction with

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