Gujarat Woman Forced to Carry Husband as Punishment for Extra-Marital Affair, 19 Held

A 23-year-old married woman was humiliated publicly at a village in Dahod district for her extra-marital affair. Her clothes were shorn off by her husband’s relatives. She was thrashed and forced to carry her husband on her shoulders. Police have registered a case against 19 people, including her father-in-law after the video went viral.

The woman is a resident of the Khajuri village of the Dhanpur taluka in the Dahod district. The woman eloped with a man with whom she

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Candid Corner: Mother’s love affair

Aili Seghetti

Q: My mother is separated and is having an affair with our neighbor. I want her to get back with my father. Her affair makes me insecure as she seems to even ignore me at times. I feel hurt and rejected and also want to experience a wholesome family again. What should I do?

Ans: The notion of kinship-based families made of two parents, kids and maybe grandparents, extended family living together is changing. Many individuals are divorced,

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