DFAN Aims to End the Fiscal with a 200 percent Increase in Invested Start-ups

Digital Futurists Angels Network (DFAN), a global community-backed Angel Network announces aggressive growth plans and the onboarding of new leadership to drive its non-linear growth charter. DFAN has plans to end this fiscal with a 3x growth over last year, in terms of the number of invested start-ups. Supporting this goal, are the company’s current achievements of a Y-o-Y growth of 185% in start-ups evaluations, coupled with a rise of 60% in angel members; and supported by enviable

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Digital Futurists Angels Network (DFAN) Partners with KareKeBa Ventures (KKB) to Enable Technology Start-ups to Offer Impactful Solutions for ‘Bharat’

Digital Futurists Angels Network (DFAN), a community-backed Angel Network announces KareKeBa Ventures, a Patna-based accelerator-cum-angel investment platform as their strategic co-investment partner; to jointly evaluate and fund, industry-agnostic, technology start-ups in India, with a focus to positively impact ‘Bharat’.


DFAN & KKB sign strategic co-investment partnership


DFAN & KareKeBa are jointly evaluating about half a dozen start-ups spanning Fin-Tech, Agri-Tech, MarTech, Ed-Tech and Health-Tech.


The multi-segmented Indian health-tech

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