I try doing everything with complete devotion: Gaurav Chopra

2021-07-22 23:10:02

Known for his work in projects like Blood Diamond and Uttaran, actor Gaurav Chopra believes each person has to take responsibility and adjust in the given scenario.

“We have to bring down our aspirations, simplify our lives and, most importantly, focus on health and basic pillars of human life. Hold on to savings as this is no time to splurge. Safety should be our priority: like if I go out for a shoot, I should see that I don’t bring back the virus to my house. This is something an individual needs to understand but sadly this is not happening,” says the Gulmohar Grand and Sanjivani actor.

The suave actor has been very selective about his work. Gaurav feels if asking for best and then giving his all for any project makes him a perfectionist or choosy, then he proudly accepts the tag. “I am a believer of doing everything with complete devotion, whether it takes time or takes toll on me. I have to deliver my best.”

Guarav was in UP recently shooting for a documentary in various cities of the state. He says, “It’s a project based on culture and hidden art & craft of our country. This brought me to such beautiful places like Agra and Varanasi. UP is magical and in itself a mini India. You get to see a rich amalgamation of traditions as well as people. You will find modernisation at its best, yet old the world charm still persisting. So, I as an actor and previously a designer student will take viewers on this artistic journey.”

Being a foodie and explorer, Gaurav tried eating authentic food and go around the narrow lanes where numerous artisans of different art & craft exist. “I tried to relish best of sweet course that Agra and Varanasi are known for and trust me the food there is a sheer delight. Also, the kind of craft and craftsmanship these cities offer simply amazes me.”

Back in Mumbai, Gaurav will wrap his part in the film Bachchan Pandey, starring Akshay Kumar.

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