Earn Money Online-10 weird methods to make money online

Earn Money Online: How to earn money online?

Earning money online has never been an easy task as it is now. The online world has unlocked some rare but real opportunities to make money from anywhere at own convenience and time. Relax! You need not as you do not require any special skills or qualifications for this. Just set ready and go.

Here is your guide to 10 fewer known but genuine methods of making money online at the comfort of working from anywhere any time.


(1)     Paid to Click (PTC) sites

The first one is Paid to Click (PTC) sites. You can start earning money by simply visiting these websites such as ClixSense.com, Ysense.com, BuxP and NeoBux and clicking on the advertisements. These websites are paid-to-click (PTC) sites. These sites require a user to signup / register and that is it. These sites reward you fiscally for providing them with references and leads.

 (2)     Online Surveys:

You can earn money by participating in online surveys on websites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollar. These sites however do not pay much however one can still earn up to three dollar per survey.

(3)     Promotion of Sponsored Shares in Social Media:

You can take the advantage of various social media platforms where establishments and organisations across multiple businesses pay you for posting and blogging about the establishment or organisation and their products and services. These sponsored posts may include posting various media like pictures, videos and talking about their products and even services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

 (4)     Watching videos:

If your hobby is watching Television and spent a reckonable time watching videos. You can earn money by watching short videos. All you need to do is become a Netflix tagger or reach out to research firm Nielsen to watch contents on your device(s) and earn money for it. There are many other companies like InboxDollars that pays in cash for watching their videos.

 (5)     Play Games:

There are some websites that pays money for playing games. A few of them are Second Life, Swagbucks, Lucktastic, and Mistplay. Some of these websites pay in the form of gift cards and some pay through PayPal account. You must have a PayPal account to get paid through PayPal.

(6)     Testing a website:

You can get paid for spending some time on a website and help the developers with your user experience in the form of feedback. You need not to possess technical knowledge or skills to build a website for this just you require to test and submit the feedback of the website on some basic functionality, user friendliness, look and feel etc. Web testing can help you in earning a handsome amount of money in hours. For web testing, you can go with Enroll, UserTesting, TestingTime etc.

 (7)     Installing Mobile Applications: Start earning money by installing some of the following mobile applications:

  • ScreenLift: Make this android application your home page or first screen of your smart phone and earn points in the form of “Lifts.”
  • Fronto: This is a lock screen application which allows one to exchange points or gift cards for Google Play, Amazon, Walmart, PayPal etc.
  • Slidejoy: By using this application in lock screen one can earn rewards or cash.
  • Sweatcoin: This application lets you earn money for just walking around after getting the application installed in your smartphone.
  • Ibotta: This is a cashback application which pays you twenty dollars for just installing it.

 (8)     Focus Group or Brand:

One can earn money by becoming a part of a group or testing brand products like  User Interviews, FocusGroup.com or Respondent.io.

 (9)     Selling Photos:

If you have boxes full of albums and albums full of pictures either old or new. If you are the interested in clicking pictures whenever something fascinates you. Then reach out to stock photography sites which are looking for photos of various subjects. Just you upload your images to these popular photography sites such as  Shutterstock, Photoshelter, and Getty Images and get paid each and every time someone buys a photo from the photographs that you have clicked.

(10)   Sell Gift cards:

Those old gift cards kept in your cupboard that are not put to your use and in which no emotions are involved can be sold online through CardCash and receive cashbacks.

 Take a little step and explore some of these available sources. Your continuous effort would not go in vain as the income you generate may not be big enough at the initial stage however you can optimize the earning potentiality by integrating a few of these options at a later time. Your hard work will always pay. It should however be noted that while exploring these easy options to earn money you should be adhere cautiousness while doing it, else you may fall fell prey with fake websites and get cheated. You should be very vigilant and safeguard your financial and personal information and never share vital financial information.