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How to prevent Credit Card Frauds | Ways to prevent Credit Card frauds

What is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit cards is a prevailing payment instrument that allow you to easily avail an instant short-term credit while making purchase. It increases purchasing power, besides other benefits like reward points and cashback etc. Making credit cards payments in time can further improve credit score which opens door to easier loan approvals. Despite these merits it carries along, also the risk of being target for fraud by fraudsters and scammers. There are several types of credit … Continue Reading

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Credit Card : Visa Credit Cards Variant

Visa credit cards

When people speak of credit cards the one that comes to mind first is most likely to be a Visa credit card. This is known to be the grand-daddy of credit cards, this venerable card is like having gold in your wallet.

Why is it so?

  • Visa Card is accepted in over 150 countries all over the world and can be used in some of the remotest regions of the globe.
  • The Visa credit card is one
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What to do, When you lost your Credit Card

The worst thing about having your wallet lost or stolen is knowing that whoever now has found your wallet can use your credit cards to incur steep bills that you may be responsible for.

Apart from the stress of identity theft and having to replace all your lost cards, the possibility of someone ruining your credit history is enough to cause even the hardiest soul to lose sleep.

There are steps that you can take to ensure such things do … Continue Reading

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Building Credit History, How to improve CIBIL Credit Score

Building a good credit history early on is critical to being able to financially afford some of life’s big ticket items later on, such as a car or home. Most people do not have the means to purchase such expensive items with cash and will require either a loan or mortgage to do so. So how does one go about building their credit history? You have to borrow money and prove that you can pay it back. Building your credit … Continue Reading