Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty, asked about forcing love ‘triangle’ with Raqesh Bapat-Divya Agarwal, says she was hurt

2021-09-15 15:15:32

A new promo for Bigg Boss OTT shared online by Voot showed journalists grilling the contestants. Shamita Shetty was told that it is apparent that Raqesh Bapat and Divya Agarwal have a friendly equation. “Aap yeh triangle wala angle kyun khel rahe hai (Why are you portraying it as a love triangle)?” the reporter asked her.

Shamita, who has a strained relationship with Divya, was ‘hurt’ to see Raqesh spending time with her. “Jab maine dekha ki mera connection unke saath zyada time spend kar rahe hai (When I saw my ‘connection’ spending more time with her), I was a little hurt,” she said, adding, “Feeling sirf mere side se hi hai (It felt like the feelings were one-sided), he has moved on.”

The journalist then told Shamita that it appeared as though she was more invested in the relationship than Raqesh. “Agar mujhe lagta hai inki feelings genuine nahi hai (If I feel that his feelings are not genuine), I will move on,” she replied.


In a previous promo, Shamita was asked why she treats Raqesh like a ‘jhamura (sidekick)’, if she feels bad about being labelled ‘bossy’ or ‘dominating’. She replied, “I think I’m somebody who puts my point across.” She said that it was difficult for her to see him spending time with Divya, with whom she did not get along. “When I don’t trust someone, it gets difficult for me. Trust is a very, very big thing for me, and loyalty is a very, very big thing for me.”

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“But, coming to what you said, I would never want to suffocate anyone in a relationship,” Shamita added. On being asked about their current relationship status, Raqesh used air quotes and said, “We are friends,” and she agreed.

During the Sunday Ka Vaar episode, Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar told Shamita that her fights with Raqesh were coming across as ‘extremely annoying’. Karan said that perhaps Shamita is not ready to read the writing on the wall and, maybe, Raqesh ‘wants out’.

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