“Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission To Spur $12B Of A.I. Innovations In India”-Analyst

“Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission To Spur $12B Of A.I. Innovations In India”-Analyst


28th Sept. 2021, New Delhi

On Monday, PM Modi launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission in New Delhi through Video
Conferencing , which is going to be a widely accessed and used Govt. created digital platform for
healthcare services delivery in India.

Analyst of 5Jewels Research has estimated that Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission To Spur $12B of
A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Innovations In India.

While speaking today in Global Artificial Intelligence Summit & Awards which was organized by AICRA
and NITI Aayog at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, Chief Analyst of 5Jewels Research, Mr Sumant Parimal
has said “Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission launched by Govt. of India is going to have a disruptive
impact on how healthcare services gets delivered to people of India, it is going to add scale, speed,
economy and predictability in getting high quality health care services delivered on demand to
people sitting in even remotest part of India by using digital technologies. Ayushman Bharat Digital
Mission is not only about health care services, but it is also going to spur over $12Billion of A.I. Tech.
innovations in India, as it shall become a digital infrastructure on which various new innovative
solutions and businesses even outside health care domain like in insurance, wellness, drug
discovery, social security & services, gets build up”.

“It is going to harness physicians’ knowledges and insights on many diseases & diagnosis
intelligences, which gets captured in the centralized data base of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission
and have potentials to become one of the World’s largest knowledge assets pools in healthcare
domain, which can be further monetized” Mr Sumant Parimal added.

In this Summit, distinguished A.I. experts panel deliberated on how A.I. is going to impact health care